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MESSAGE BOARD 2008 February 7, 2007

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hroughout the season, fans of Chechu Rubiera can post messages of support to him here. Por favor, escubanos en espaƱol o asturiana. Nos gusta recibir noticias de ustedes. Gracias. Thank you.



25th July 2008

Hola Nicky,

I hope you are well. My knee is going better so I am happy about that.



22nd July 2008

Hola amigos.

I hope you are well. As you know, I had a bad crash on Friday.

Since then, I couldn’t train well. I just tried to train a couple of days. Bad: I was riding my bike as fast as I used to ride when I was 5 years old… So definitely I’ll stop for a few days.

I did an x-ray on my knee and the good news is that nothing is broken.

I have to take antibiotics because of the injury (abrasion), and the knee is swollen so I have to take anti-inflammatory too. I hope to be on the bike in two or three days preparing for the Vuelta.

Thanks for your support once again.


23 February 2008

When Rebecca spoke with Chechu on Saturday afternoon, he told her that the team had already trained for 2 or 3 hours in the morning, and the weather in Palo Alto is good. He’s happy.

On ASO, Chechu’s opinion is that it’s a big mess, where everyone is at fault. But the powerful people, like the UCI, are most to blame for the current bad situation. He thinks everyone needs to work together to solve it. As he’s retiring next year, he doesn’t complain for his own sake, but it’s very bad for young riders.

The team is continuing to put pressure on the ASO, to get them to change their minds, it would be difficult, but he thought Johan is going to Astana next week to talk to the government, to work on calming down the situation.

Rebecca suggests that he might do something about it when he retires. Chechu laughs. It should be one of the really big names, he says, like Miguel Indurain or Gianni Bugno. Someone everyone would listen to and respect.

4 February 2008

Hola! I am back at home. It’s been quite difficult, because of jet lag. I wake up every day at 5 in the morning …

(Australia) was a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed it. The race was quite fast, but not so bad on the wheel. There were no mountains, which made it easier.

Now I am training again to focus on California.

At the same time, it looks that since the Giro is not inviting us, maybe my racing program will change. But I don’t know yet.

I am sad and disappointed about the decision that the Giro does not invite one of the best teams in the world. We are a completely new team, nothing to do with the old Astana and with their problems with doping. We are even controlled by an external company to clean our image, with many doping controls in and out of competition, as well as the controls from UCI, WADA, Spanish authorities …

So it looks to me that now it doesn’t matter if you are able to have a clean team and a good sponsor for being in the best races of the world. It is going to depend on the judgment of the organiser.

So, who is going to invest in cycling, creating an strong team, if there is no rules to be able to participate in the best races of the world and no guarantees?

Maybe this is what the Giro or Tour want. Weak teams so they can control them and have more power in international cycling. It is not just Astana. Other big pro tour teams are not invited.

Take care.

19 December 2007

The training camp was nice, and just because we are competitive, we rode too fast for December!

We made some jokes, and had fun. It was quite cold too, but better than in Asturias where the temperatures are below zero!

The programme looks pretty nice to me. Maybe just too many planes and too many long trips, with many hours of difference … jetlag is coming.

I’ve never been to Australia before and it will be a nice experience. Also everyone says that California is becoming one of the better races in the season, because of the people and the good organisation.

And as you know, I love the Giro, so it’s a really good programme on paper. Let’s see …

Take care, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


November 2007

Hello to everyone.

I want to thank all my fans for the affection and support I have received in these last weeks. They have encouraged me to continue for one more year. In what will be my final season, I hope to give the best of myself and make you feel proud of my effort.

Victories are difficult, and I’ve never been a winner myself, but what I can give you is my work and my sacrifice in the year of my retirement.

Thank you for everything.